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Advice for International Home Moving

Get all the advice you need to move home from our international home moving advice centre. We have covered all aspects of moving home overseas from buying your home overseas, things to remember on moving day, and settling in to your new home overseas.
Europe Removal & Storage offer 1st class service to all our customers who are moving internationally, not just nationally. We have good international network of partners and affiliated who provide similar high standard of service, you that your move is handled consistently wherever you are moving abroad to. Planning your international move earlier will cause you less stress.

Your Move Team

An international move requires experienced, highly trained international packers to ensure that packing and loading takes place correctly. Using skill, care and attention, our packers have been trained to use specific international packing materials that will protect your possessions during each phase of the move.
The first person you will meet will be the Crew Supervisor. He will run through the paperwork with you to verify the details. Feel free to communicate your expectations for Move Day with the Supervisor as well as any special instructions. The Supervisor will walk around your home and plan the packing process in the most efficient way