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October 15, 2014

Packing Tips You Must Know When Moving House

When moving houses, it is essential to be organized and know what you need to be done at what time and how. To make moving easier for you, we have compiled 10 essential packing tips for you to get organized and to make packing your items less stressful.
1) Start to pack as early as you can
If you live in a big house we would say, start packing 2 months before the day of your move date. Whereas if you live in a small house, packing a month before the start dare should be fine.
2) Get packing supplies
Before you start packing you need to go to either your grocery store or a stationary shop and get all the items you will need for packing. Such as cardboard or moving boxes of varying sizes, tape, and packing paper or bubble wraps for fragile and easily breakable items. You might also need newspapers however, these you can find lying around the place.

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